Zendaya Coleman To Release “Daya” Shoe Collection

Singer, actress, designer Zendaya debuts her brand new shoe collection 'Daya' at Magic Convention at Las Vegas Convention Center Featuring: Zendaya Where: Las Vegas, Nevada, United States When: 17 Aug 2015 Credit: DJDM/WENN.com


The amazing and talented Zendaya Coleman- a rising Disney Channel star, singer and producer is launching her new shoe collection this coming spring. This may not be too much of a surprise; Coleman’s fashion creativity is all over social media.  Her keen eye for detail in fashion has become visible to the world and now you will get a sneak peek of the collection right here! Coleman has partnered up with the company Titan Industries and recently named her shoe collection “Daya.” This is an amazing opportunity for Coleman to start another career path and with the help of the co-creator and stylist for the shoe line, Law Roach, her collection will be the charts!


“She’s growing into what people are calling a fashion icon” says Roach. Both Roach and Coleman think that shoes are one of the most popular items to market because it applies to people of all ages and body types.


            Coleman and Roach’s main goal was to provide her young fans with a sense of fashion from her own closet at an affordable price. Prices for the shoes are ranging from $125-$175; including sneakers, strappy platforms and pumps with vibrant colors. The Disney Channel star’s other main focus was to create very comfortable shoes that have a pillow-like softness feeling. Would you rather buy an expensive shoe such as Jimmy Choo for $1,000 with an uncomfortable sole or an affordable great looking shoe that is comfortable? Many fans want to rock the look of celebrities, although can’t afford to. However, with this collection, Coleman makes it affordable for anyone to look like a celebrity.