Zayn is in His Own Direction

After straying away from One Direction, Zayn Malik has formed his own path and created a solo album.

zaynmalik-xlarge_trans++2Mm0MDLB_Hri0Ac4jJl6BAEYNE46pycz_LmkTjvn8jQZayn’s record has a mission statement, which says, “[I] can map every lyric and every note to mean something to [me]. It’s a snapshot of my life and the thoughts on my life, my hopes, my aspirations, and my regrets in the summer of 2015.”

It looks like we’ll get a glimpse into the true life of Malik. During his time in One Direction, he never seemed as enthusiastic as the rest. Malik was always known as the mysterious one, but maybe he was just the unhappy one.

Malik has written all of his own music with no set style, so there will be a little bit of everything in there, except for choreographed pop-like One Direction songs. According to Digital Spy, “Naughty Boy called Zayn is “actually quite a good rapper,” while 50 Cent said he’s interested in “bringing out the singer’s hip-hop side.”

Digital Spy also says that, “Zayn’s taken to writing from other people’s perspectives. The singer’s written one song, ‘My Ways,’ about his father – while another, ‘I Got Mine,’ was inspired by a guy in a guitar shop striking up conversation about his Prince T-shirt.

Malik’s first single is a song called ‘Pillowtalk.’ There’s even a sizzling music video with Gigi Hadid, his new girlfriend.

The release of Naughty Boy is an exciting new step for Malik. It seems like his music will be different and will be full of everything he has wanted to sing that didn’t match the style of 1D.