Editor’s Note: This article was written by Genevieve Shawcross of Professor John-Erik Koslosky’s Newswriting course.

BLOOMSBURG — An excited crowd of roughly 500 students and fans anticipated a concert for over an hour inside Nelson Field House to receive an announcement that the scheduled act, Young Thug, was no longer performing.  

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time Young Thug failed to show up to his own concert.  

In 2016, Young Thug neglected a $55,000 contract. Ditching his act at the Roc Summer Explosion, he sparked himself a lawsuit suing for $360,000, according to Atlanta Georgia News (AJC.com). 

Earlier this month, Young Thug skipped his appearance at Temple University. According to The Tab, the rapper never came to his scheduled performance at the annual Owlchella concert, leaving students extremely disappointed. 

Most recently, he and his team again proved themselves unreliable when they disregarded their commitment to Bloomsburg University’s concert committee to put on a show for the annual fall concert. 

President of Bloomsburg’s concert committee, Cammren Renwick, expresses that Young Thug has created a mess of an event he has been working months on. 

“They were signed to a contract. Both parties agreed to everything. He and his team were terrible to work with. They just didn’t care.” 

Renwick continued to explain that even after Young Thug was charged with felony drug and weapon possession, they still stuck with him. For his party to be so unprofessional is just “wow.” 

Young Thug should have been arriving in Bloomsburg for soundcheck at 5:00 p.m. on Oct. 27. 

When he didn’t show for soundcheck, his people reached out to the concert committee to let them know that he had missed his flight, but according to Renwick, this is what they also told Temple University. 

“Around 6:00 p.m., we were told he was two hours away from a private jet to get to Bloomsburg. Since he wasn’t set to be onstage until 8:30 p.m., we thought it would still work out, but they just kept pushing the time back.” 

Even with Taylor Bennett as the opening act and DJ Bounce Gawd trying to hold it down until the main event, Renwick decided that they had to call it quits on Young Thug’s performance because it was wrong to keep students waiting. 

“If we would’ve waited it out, he wouldn’t have been here until at least 11:00 p.m., if not later,” Renwick elaborated. 

After the concert committee made their decision to cancel the concert, Renwick announced to the crowd that the concert is canceled and everyone would be receiving a refund sometime next week. 

Upset, the large group awaiting his arrival broke out in chants of “F*** Young Thug!” 

At 10:30 p.m., Young Thug tweeted: “Pennsylvania I’m sorry u guys had a crazy curfew once again… hopefully I can make it up to the kids” 

But Renwick and the rest of his team don’t believe that Young Thug was apologetic enough. 

“Young Thug and his party should’ve been more accountable. For you to be miles away and just drop a tweet, not even telling the truth… that was weak.” 

Young Thug’s cancellation resulted in CGA losing thousands of dollars. 

Renwick and his concert committee aren’t positive if there could be a lawsuit in the making, but they definitely think it’s possible. 

“It would be up to CGA to take up, but I believe it’s in the thought processes. A contract was signed, but it’s an uphill battle in terms of getting money back from rappers and artists in general.” 

Araya Mays, junior who attended the concert, doesn’t believe that this mishap will affect their ability to have high ticket sales for future events. 

“I don’t think anyone is blaming who planned the act. Maybe they could have been more on top of things, but overall, it was Young Thug’s fault. When I’m deciding to buy a ticket for their next show, I probably won’t even think of this.” 

As for these upcoming projects, Renwick promises that his team will be making up for Young Thug by presenting something even better. 

“We’re going to come back with a stronger concert [for spring] and do even more in-depth research on the acts that we want to bring to the University” 

If you bought tickets, information and refunds for purchasers will be rolling out this week.