A new mashup album, titled Yeezer, has hit the internet. Note: I said “Yeezer,” not “geezer.” I promise this album is a mashup of Kanye West, sometimes known as “Yeezus,” and the band, Weezer; it is not a bunch of old guys trying to make an album, though that might be as intriguing.

Rapper, Kanye West
Rapper, Kanye West

According to TIME, a 19 year-old sophomore, Alex Hodowanec of Ohio State University, created this 10-track mashup album. The aspiring music producer had been working on the album on and off for three years. Once he finally completed the album, Hodowanec uploaded it to Bandcamp, a publishing platform for musicians.

Right away, Yeezer gained popularity. Reddit created a lot of buzz with its “Yeezer – A mashup album of Kanye West and Weezer” thread. The thread included mostly compliments  and excitement about the album, but there was also a bit of constructive criticism thrown in there. Hodowanec even contributed to this thread, replying to many of the comments:

“Hey I’m the guy who made this! I just found out about this subreddit! Thanks so much for the kind words, I’ve just been floored with the response it’s gotten so far, especially from mashup enthusiasts like you guys haha,” he posted, expressing his gratitude.

Band, Weezer
Band, Weezer

Listening to this album, you can’t help but feel a bit of nostalgia. The album opens up with “Through the Hills,” a mashup of West’s “Through The Wire” and Weezer’s “Beverly Hills.” These two songs bring you back to the early 2000’s with the first beat. The combination of “American Boy” and “Island In The Sun,” perfectly named “American Island ft. Estelle” is even better at bringing back that nostalgic feeling. Another highlight of the album is “(And They) Say It Ain’t So.” The mashup of Weezer’s “Say It Ain’t So” and West’s “Power” is strangely satisfying.

This mashup album is an odd combination that surprisingly works. If you’re looking for something different to listen to and you want some definite throwbacks, try this out. The full album is available on Youtube: