Word of the Day: University Style


After eavesdropping on campus and discovering what a dirty trumpet is, I thought about Words of the day in high school. Can you imagine having a slang word of the day in college?

Well it’s here!

Here’s the first of our weekly series- University Style: Word of the Day

These are the five most popular words on Urban Dictionary this October!

  1. Pickle Pirate – A gentleman who performs fellatio on a married gentleman
  2. Extra Virgin – An individual who has had absolute no sexual contact with any other person.
  3. “Do the damn thang” – To do something and do it right. AKA “get it right, get it tight”.
  4. What dat Mouf Do – A question propositioning females as to what they are able to do oral cavatiy
  5. National Sex Day – A holiday celebrated on June 9th for the popular sexual position known as ‘69’ by all sexual orientations during which they perform sexual activity with another party or parties.




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