In “Why the Jews Rejected Jesus,” Klinghoffer discusses Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ, which was the driving force behind Klinghoffer’s writing of the religious text.

One portion of religious history that Klinghoffer offers much damnation for is that which Christian Saint Paul has attributed, claiming Saint Paul has, like many other Christian historical figures, distorted prophetic text in his campaign for Jesus as the Christ.

“Thank the Jews” is a title Klinghoffer claimed could be easily fitted to the words bound together in this 247 page book which, when it boils down to it, is about the religious turmoil that lived in Europe as different belief systems failed to live compatibly.

This book has a very well educated author and makes very educated points, most of which support Jewish orthodox arguments for a messiah to come. Klinghoffer is a writer by trade and employs such intellectual tactics. Secular readers will likely use this as ammunition against the non-secular, furthering many of their firm positions on hatred rooted in factionalized religion. For readers, like myself, who already practice a certain faith, this book should, at least, educate them on past and current religious persuaders.