At some point in our lives we’re single, some much more than others. But why are we single? Am I too needy? Maybe I’m not pretty enough? Is it really our fault? No, it’s not our fault, everyone else just seems to be the problem.

My Parents

I feel that since the day we were born our parents started their lifelong job of doing anything in their power to make sure we always stay their little child, and single. It starts early on in our dating lives: our parents feel the need to be the third wheel in some of our first dates…who would want to date someone whose parents always have to come along on dates?! After that, our parents become the ones who feel that they need to approve whoever we choose to be with. They’re the ones who ask obnoxious questions or warn our lover a dozen times not to mess up, which obviously scares any normal person away .


His Past Relationships

It almost always seems that other girls screw the best guys up. The most genuine guys go through the hardest times with girls who take complete advantage of the few men who know how to treat a girl right. Once a guy is royally screwed over by a girl, his wall goes up, he doesn’t want to get into anything where he becomes vulnerable. Then it becomes almost impossible for you to build a relationship with this guy. This whole situation making him un-dateable, and again a reason why it’s not my fault I’m single .

his ex 2

Tinder Problems

Tinder has taken over the dating world in the past year, so maybe a big part of the reason why I’m single is that guys are too judgmental because of this app. Rather than swiping right to get the chance to get to know me, and find out what kind of person I am, they’d rather swipe left because of the first picture they see. You don’t like my tattoos? What if my personality well outweighs anything that they might not like in my physical appearance?

tinder 1


My Ex-Lovers

Maybe it’s the men of my past relationships that keep me single. The same men who lie and cheat, and therefore make me end up being the crazy one, because it ends up being hard to figure out the truth in it all. Or maybe because of the ex who treated me so poorly, I’m scared to let a guy be able to control my emotions again.

my ex

Even though maybe I possess some of my own faults which help me stay single for months, it’s really not my fault. Maybe other people keep in my lonely stage, or maybe I’d just like to say that.