I’m still in deep denial that Donald Trump will be the President of the United States come January, so I’m thinking ahead rather than dwelling on the horrifying reality we’ve somehow ended up in.

I’m assuming, and really hoping, that Trump won’t be re-elected. The fact that he made it this far is astounding, and if he can make it four years without any sort of scandal or career-ending blunder, I will personally let anyone who reads this slap me across the face, because I’m clearly in a coma, and should probably be woken up.

So, who will be the next man or woman to inhabit the Oval Office?

Obviously, I don’t have that kind of foresight, so here’s who I think may compete in the Democratic Primaries:

Tim Kaineo-tim-kaine-national-press-club-spelling-bee-facebook

Yeah, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) already wants Clinton’s Vice President nominee. As confirmed by a few sources, most notably the Washington Post, several of the people who currently head the DNC have already described Kaine as “A figure that rises like a phoenix from the ashes.” Here’s the problem: he’s essentially the male equivalent of Clinton. He’s an establishment neo-liberal who’s pro-TPP, and he ran a campaign with a politician who’s likely the only Democrat capable of losing to Trump

Kaine is, at least, a much more likeable person than Clinton or Trump, though if he miraculously becomes the nominee in 2020, then the Democrats clearly haven’t learned their lesson, and they deserve another four years of Trump.

Elizabeth Warren


“Pocahontas” herself. It’s no secret that for some unexplainable reason, Massachusetts’s senator Elizabeth Warren was a fan favorite amongst some progressives. Warren has some of the appeal of Bernie Sanders, as she has called for a breaking up of the big banks for most of her political career. But, she too is far from perfect.

While Warren has been a champion among liberals for her economic views, her previous affiliation with the Republican Party, and her betrayal of the progressive movement through her early support of Clinton is alarming for many. I, like many liberals, would love to see a woman in the White House, but the fact that Warren and Clinton are the most prominent women in politics is nothing short of a travesty.

Cory Booker


I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention everyone’s favorite New Jersey senator. I say this as a New Jersey resident: the man is truly admirable. I can honestly say that Booker single-handedly saved the city of Newark during his mayoral tenure, providing much needed renovations to the city, making it a nicer place to live through reduced crime rates, and even bringing down unemployment rates to below 1%. Beyond this, the man has remained consistent throughout his career, something that anyone voting in a general election is desperate to see – the man is a rising progressive, a label he dislikes, but remains true nonetheless.

Plus, it would make up for Chris Christie making it into Trump’s cabinet. Yeah, we’re sorry about that, but trust me, we New Jerseyans hate Christie more than the rest of the U.S. ever could.

Ron Perlman


The star of Hellboy and Sons of Anarchy has already announced his intention to run in 2020. Perhaps it’s the knowledge that anyone can become President, even an Oompa-Loompa that escaped from the chocolate factory, but Perlman clearly intends to run. He’s even made a campaign website (http://ronperlman2020.com) – although his platform’s a bit unclear thus far.

Tulsi Gabbard


If you’re unfamiliar with Gabbard, this is all you need to know – she’s essentially a 35-year-old Bernie. As the former vice-chair of the DNC (a position she resigned in order to endorse Sanders) and a two-term Hawaii congressperson, she has an extensive resume and would likely garner the support of the Democratic establishment. Much like Sanders, she is for reinstatement of Glass-Steagall, is anti-TPP, a devoted environmentalist, and holds the same plethora of progressive social views that makes Sanders one of the most liberal voices in American politics. As an Iraq War veteran, she would also gain support from members of the military, unlike Trump, who will be the only President to have never held elected office or to have never served in the military.


Kanye Westimages

I really hope this is a joke. I mean, he’s got name recognition, but seriously… he’s probably the only person considering the presidency with a bigger ego and a lower IQ than Trump himself, which means he could probably beat Trump…


Michelle Obamamichelle_obama29

As America’s favorite living First Lady, and a Harvard-trained lawyer, Michelle Obama offers a sort of recognition and experience that several of the others on this list lack. As First Lady, Obama successfully promoted a healthy lifestyle, regular physical activity, and has acted as a role model for women all over the country.

She’s a fan favorite among millennials, with many college students hoping she runs – of course, she has no intention of actually perusing a career in politics. After eight years in the White House, such a long time in the public eye, one would have to wonder what person would actually be insane enough to consider more time there, in an even higher position. Admittedly, Barack would make an awesome first First Gentleman.

Larack Tobama


I’ve got to be honest here – not too sure who this guy is. But, people seem to like him, and he’s got a certain kind of familiarity I can’t quite explain…






Bernie Sandersfullsizerender

I know what you’re thinking; if Bernie actually did win the general election he would be the oldest man to ever enter the office at 79. And yes, he’s old. But, so what? Sanders actually is one of the most experienced people ever to run for President and had addressed so many issues during his run that people in the political mainstream had never even thought of.

Bernie Sanders is the President we need, but perhaps not the President we deserve. It’s clear from this past election season that we need a progressive as the leader of the free world. We know based on polling during the primaries that Sanders could have easily beaten Trump in a general election. While the DNC may despise Sanders for his anti-establishment ideals, it is clear that the people want a Sanders Presidency.

So, is it so much to ask for at least four years of Bernie to make up for four years of a man who’s perpetually covered in Doritos dust?

I’m hoping that the DNC doesn’t make the same mistakes it made in 2016. I’m hoping that they hold fair elections, based on the will of the people. Depending on what happens three and a half years from now, we may end up with a bright, new progressive voice in American politics, or another four years of The Donald. May we, and the DNC, make a smart choice.