Where to Drink Every Night of the Week in Bloomsburg

A group of friends laugh and enjoy their night off from class, filling up on cheap wings and even cheaper beer. Everyone is having fun until trivia starts; no one is agreeing on the answers, and everyone is experiencing withdrawal from using their cell phone.

This is trivia night at Capitol, the most popular bar on Tuesday nights, where they also feature 40¢ wings, $1 National Bohemian beers, and $1 rum and cokes after 10 p.m. But the other bars in town claim the other nights of the week.

West End Ale Haus and Good Ol’ Days also have popular wing nights, both on Wednesdays. West End’s wing night, also priced at 40¢, is a trivia night as well.

Most people who go to frequent wing nights argue whether Capitol’s sweet Thai chili or Good Ol’ Days’ tornado wings are the best, but if you’re not into wings, West End’s menu is amazing. One of their most popular items, a personal favorite in which no other menu in town has, is their fried pickles.

Good Ol’ Days is the most diverse bar in terms of entertainment. They have a poker tournament on Sundays, a pool tournament on Mondays, beer pong on Saturdays, and karaoke four nights of the week.

The most popular nights for people to go out are the weekends, of course. According to Maureen Mauer, a waitress at Capitol, the bar’s busiest times are 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. These nights are busy anywhere you go but especially Capitol and Hardware, the two main choices among college students.

“Capitol is in the middle of the town so that’s where everyone congregates,” Mauer said. “People like it because in front it has that bar aspect and in the back is the dance floor.”

By popular opinion, Hardware is not for all people. Its music is loud, the service poor, and the floor constantly sticky. Patrons are allowed to smoke inside also, a major complaint among those who go there.

“I think my friend group makes where I am the best. To be honest I don’t really like Hardware but [my friends] make it good,” Cait Doyle, 21, said.

However, many people enjoy the atmosphere once they’ve had a few drinks because the crowd is more energetic. Another big reason bar-goers enjoy Hardware is their Thursday night drink specials; they have $3 personal liquor pitchers, favorites include: Electric Lemonade, Grateful Death, and the Bay Breeze.

Fridays and Saturdays they have a “1-2-3 Happy Hour,” which is $1 drafts, $2 drinks, and $3 mixed shots. So, if you don’t mind getting there early when barely anyone is there and you can’t hear your friends talk, these are great specials to take advantage of.

Filet 18, owned by the former owner of Capitol Bar & Restaurant, is great for any day of the week. While not during nighttime drinking hours, their happy hour is 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. every day and offers this steal: $2 drafts.

Often ignored or not noticed by college students, Hess’s Tavern should also be mentioned. Hess used to be the popular bar over twenty years ago, and now it’s a place known for its smaller crowd and comfortable couches. This is a place you go to relax and get away from the sweaty, loud, busyness of Capitol and Hardware. They have a DJ on the weekends and great beer specials during the week.

With Bloomsburg being such a small town, it’s surprising that the same few bars are frequented. Doyle says she sticks to a few favorites but would like to start branching out, and Octavia Spurlock, 21, agrees: “I’m open to going to any one.”


No matter what day you decide to go out and experience the bars in Bloomsburg, there’s always great specials for every night.

Editor’s Note:  As an organization, BUnow encourages only responsible and legal drinking.