Lindsey and her dad embrace each other during their first in-person visit in over a year. March 2021. Credit: Lindsey Garnel

After a week hiatus, “Rosie the Raconteur” is back! And surprise—it’s another virus topic, because that’s the central theme to the storytelling podcast now (kidding).

The tone in this episode is somber, yet hopeful. I talk with my friend, Lindsey, about what it was like to have minimal to no contact with her dad for approximately a year. Lindsey’s dad lives in a long-term care facility due to health complications, and the world shut down right as he moved in—and unbeknownst to him and his family at the time, away from loved ones for the unforeseeable future.

Yet, things start to look up with the release of the COVID-19 vaccine, allowing visitations to begin. Listen on any of six platforms to Episode 5, “When the Birds Fly South: Hoping for a Hug” to hear Lindsey’s moving story of grief, isolation, separation and love.