Lady Gaga stole the show at the MTV Video Music Awards with her killer performance of “Paparazzi” and her bold choice of fashion.  Most Celebs that attend the VMA’s have about 2 outfit changes, but of course, Gaga had to top that and have a whopping 6 outfit changes! Here I will give you the play by play of Lady Gaga’s outfits.

First, Lady Gaga arrived with Kermit the Frog as her “date”.Yes, the Kermit the Frog we grew up watching on the Muppet Show.  Already, Ms. Gaga is off to a crazy start.  Her first outfit was a Victorian inspired black dress with lots and lots of feathers.  Her accessories were a black lace hat, a feathered ring, and a neck brace, which seemed to have lost a battle with a bejeweler.  Feathers and lace seemed to be Gaga’s theme for the night.  While watching the show, they panned over to Lady Gaga as she was laughing but looked rather uncomfortable due to the unnecessary neck brace.

Next she took the stage to perform “Paparazzi” wearing all white from head to toe.  Again, lace and feathers played a part in her outfit. She had on white thigh high boots, which was the best thing about her outfit, a beaded mask with feathers that looked like rabbit ears, puffy shoulder pads, and a bejeweled white top with matching white bottoms aka underwear.  Soon after her performance started, Gaga whipped her mask off and before we know it, she is walking around with a crutch and blood all over her.  Even though she had a crazy outfit and looked like a nutjob while performing…it was amazing.  It was clearly one of the best performances of the night.

After her performance she changed into another outfit, clearly she couldn’t walk around all bloody for the rest of the night.  I was thinking her next outfit would show lots of skin, which is her style, but I was completely wrong.  They showed a woman wearing a red lace see through dress with her head completely covered in lace as well.  I looked at my roommate and said, “is that Lady Gaga?” Of course it was, because who else would be crazy enough to wear something like that!  When she went up to accept her Best New Artist award, she was trying to make her acceptance speech but realized that her mask was in the way, so she finally ripped off her mask and her outfit looked semi normal.

Thinking that was her last outfit of the night was a mistake on my part.  When they were presenting the Video of the Year Award, which both Lady Gaga and Beyonce were nominated for, they panned to Lady Gaga and I couldn’t stop myself from laughing.  She was wearing a cream color dress, which wasn’t so bad, but when they showed her face, it looked like a birds nest.  I think that was the worst thing she wore all night.

The next two outfits I didn’t see until the following day because they were outfits worn in the press room and then to the after parties.  The first dress was a lavender body suit, which wasn’t so bad because it was typical Lady Gaga style.  I really can’t describe how the outfit looked so I will just leave it for the picture.

She ended the night wearing a loose fitting, white dress with what looked like two bongos sitting on top of her head.  This outfit was the complete opposite of her dramatic, long, black dress she started the evening in. Her last outfit reminded many people of Madonna’s 1984 VMA appearance in the white wedding dress. Maybe this new Princess of Pop was paying tribute to the Queen of Pop?  As for the bongo’s on top of her head, what was she thinking?!  I was waiting to see someone pop up and start playing the drums on them!

Gaga knows how to get peoples attention.  Instead of going out and pulling a “Britney Spears” or an “Amy Winehouse” she wears crazy clothes and makes a lot of people talk about her.  She makes good music and wears outrageous clothes and people love it.  So get used to it, because I don’t think Lady Gaga is going anywhere!