What Type of Heel to Wear at Bloomsburg

We’ve all been there before: dancing in a dirty frat basement, loving life and really feeling that Beyoncé song. You feel your feet starting to hurt, “well the more I drink the less my feet will hurt.” Duh. The night carries on and you’ve decided that you’ve had enough fist pumping and realize you need a Pink Wiener. You start walking down Lightstreet and BOOM; you’re taken down by the crack(s) in the sidewalk. That doesn’t stop you. You need that Pink Wiener; it’s only two dollars. As you get up to walk again you realize something is off…literally off. Your heel is off. It’s broken. You realize you can’t go on, and you have to go home. But that Pink Wiener…

So what type of heel should you wear in Bloomsburg?

First off, leave your designer shoes at home! Leave the Jimmy Choo’s, Christian Loubotin’s, Valentino, any shoe that you have that’s over $100 is not worth Bloomsburg sidewalks. Trust me. After one night out, not only will your $300 red bottoms be ruined, but so will your wallet and pride. Most of those designer shoes are more than six-inch high stilettos. Yes, you can wear them, but I’m warning you, you might end up with a broken ankle.



first heel

If you want a skinny heel, try these. They aren’t as high, but the front straps with studs compensate for that. The heel is three and a half inches. These are from DSW.com and come in a variety of colors; they are a little pricey, coming in at about $70. Try pairing these with a cute black romper. Since these aren’t as high, you should be able to control your balance more and handle those sidewalks with ease.




How blue heelam I suppose to look and feel like Kendall Jenner? Platforms, ladies. Platform heels are a lifesaver. Stiletto heels have a much thinner front. Platform heels have a thicker front to hold your balance better. It also gives you more height. Yes, you still have a skinny heel, but you can compensate with a thicker front base; basically it will be harder to fall. Try these Double Mary Jane Pump heels from Charlotte Russe. They are only$24.99. Great if you’re on a budget. The height for these is five and a half inches. Pair these with a white or black dress.




wedgeBehold, the one, the only, the almighty wedge! Hands down, the best shoe to wear at Bloomsburg. Why? Not only are they super cute, they can handle rough terrain and they last. Wedges can handle those dirty frat basements more than twice. They give you great height and superb balance. Guaranteed to get you to Pink Wieners, Tri Pi, you name it; these babies will get you to where you need to go. They are much more comfortable then a regular heel. These are from makemechic.com and only cost $27.50. The height on these is five inches and a quarter. Talk about a deal.






bad heel

Introducing, the heel-less platform heels; this is a huge NO. Not only are these dangerous, they are also way to futuristic looking. I’ve seen these at Bloomsburg before and it didn’t end well for the girl wearing them. These aren’t acceptable to wear in Bloomsburg. You won’t be able to handle the hills.






The last and final shoe is booties. Booties are great. You can get them in a thicker heel to hold your balance better. The majority of booties lace up; you can tie them close to your foot. These booty heelare proven to survive the cracks. Pair these with high-waist leggings and a cute loose top. These bad boys are from Charlotte Russe. They are priced at $42.99 and their height is five inches and a quarter. You can dance in these all night.





Let yourself loose on the weekends, but make sure you’re safe. Prepare for the weekends with the correct pair of heels. Have a blast. Walk all over town, dance all night and hopefully after reading this guide you will be able to make it through the night without any shoe tragedies, and make it to Pink Wieners.