One of the most exciting weekends is about to be upon us in only a few weeks. That weekend is Block Party. Some of the craziest days of our college years happen during this one weekend where thousands of Bloomsburg students and even thousands of other students in the area gather together to have a good time. There was a bit of an upset with citations and other safety problems from last year’s Block Party, and the town of Bloomsburg has revoked the permit privileges of the outside gatherings.

This has upset plenty of students who were looking for a fun place to welcome in the spring and end-of-the-year excitement. We all want to have the time of our lives, and we still can, even without permits. When celebrating during Block Party, one of the most important things you can do is decide what to wear.

It may seem ridiculous to some people that clothes and accessories are actually a very important part of Block Party. However, what you wear and bring with you could make or break your day. Here are a few ideas of what not to wear or bring along.

  1. The biggest mistake I made last year when I stood outside in the sun for hours, was forgetting to wear sunscreen. You will burn until there is no tomorrow, and that is a promise. Everyone, regardless of if you’re pale, already have a dark skin tone or think the sun isn’t shining, should be using sunscreen. It’ll keep you from looking like a lobster and also from getting skin cancer down the road, so please use it!


  1. Another choice I’ve seen a lot of other people make is wearing their Ray Bans or Oakleys out to the day parties. I do realize it is usually extremely bright and sunny outside, which is what we hope for, but you should opt out of wearing your name brand sunglasses. Most likely they will get covered in sweat from you and others, and it is very easy to lose a pair of sunglasses in crowds of people bumping into each other. Many organizations will sell cheap pairs of sunglasses in the weeks leading up to Block Party, so take advantage of that.
  1. One more suggestion for both guys and girls is to wear comfortable clothing. If you plan on being outside and walking around all day, then pay attention to not only the weather but also the fabric you are dressing in. If Block Party ends up being a beautiful, sunny, 75 degree day, I wouldn’t reach for my stiff jeans or tight suffocating shirt. Wear whatever clothing you will be comfortable in for a full day.
  1. A few things I’ve seen some of the ladies wear are heels and strapless clothing. Those are two things you may want to opt out of considering the comfort level I just mentioned. There is a time and place for wearing heels and wedges, but being out sweating in the sun and walking around all of downtown in them isn’t the best place. Strapless tops and dresses also tend to get annoying if they don’t fit perfectly. I know whenever I wear them I am stuck constantly pulling it up, which is not something you want to worry about.





  1. One more idea for the girls is to be generous with the makeup you wear. Keep in mind it will, hopefully, be a very warm and sunny day for our Block Party, and we all have had moments where our makeup slides off our face. If you don’t want that happening to you, I suggest either a good quality makeup primer, or to just take it easy on the amount of makeup you choose to wear.
  1. Going along with the expensive sunglasses topic is purses and backpacks. It may not be a smart idea to carry along an expensive Michael Kors bag that can fit all of your belongings inside. Rather it might be better to throw a cheaper cross body bag over you shoulder that fits only the necessities. For the guys, who are usually seen wearing backpacks to hold their belongings and drinks of choice, just be careful because you may be seen as a target for the authorities.
  1. For the men out there, be careful, just like the ladies, of accessories you wear. We don’t want to hear any stories of guys getting their Rolex watches stolen or that they were unhooked and fell off their wrist. I’ve also heard that some guys may be really into collecting nice shoes, like Jordans or Timberlands, but Block Party might not be the place you want to show them off. If you’re lucky, they might not get stepped on or scuffed, but it will take you watching and worrying about them all day.


Those are all of the suggestions I have for everyone who is attending Block Party this year and each year in the future. Remember to always be safe, drink responsibly and have a blast at Block Party!