West Chester Downs Bloomsburg on Homecoming


Bloomsburg University suffered its first loss of the season  to West Chester 24-21 snapping the Huskies record of 14-straight wins.

The Golden Rams were trailing late in the fourth quarter when Quarterback Joe Wright took the snap and scampered into the end zone giving West Chester a 24-21 advantage with 2:26 to play.

Bloomsburg’s running game lead by the freshman duo of Derrick Price and Kenny Domzalski combined for 164 yards, well below their average. The Huskies combined for 249 yards on the ground with one score by fullback Stefan Adams. Dan Latorre proved that Quarterbacks aren’t just pocket passers as he rushed for 73 yards on only four carries. Latorre was 10-19 for 74 yards with one interception.

Bloomsburg played in-front of a packed crowned of 6,700 fans as Bloomsburg University was holding their annual Homecoming game this past Saturday. The CGA sponsored an event at the game called Gold Rush. Fans were all decked out in gold which provided school spirit for this very special day.

BUNOW Sports Players of the Game: Bloomsburg’s wide receiver Kyle Ream. Ream caught four passes for 20 yards and two touchdowns. West Chester’s wide receiver Mike Washington. Washington caught five passes for 116 yards and one touchdown.

Bloomsburg plays at Gannon University next Saturday at 1pm.




  1. Mike Washington was by far the most talented player on the field Saturday. That guy is one of the best PSAC players I have seen since I’ve been at Bloom. Not to take anything away from West Chester, but Bloomsburg played a really terrible game. I feel this was a case of the best team losing while the squad with the best player squeaked by.

  2. Surprised that Domzalski and Price were held in check. Price did rush for 97 yards though

  3. Well, we did manage over 200 yards of rushing. I know a huge chunk of that was from Latorre (his scramble I think in the 2nd quarter was amazing… I don’t know how he escaped that pile), but still the rushing game was not our problem.

    The reason Bloom lost is because we were outplayed in regards to special teams and took too many stupid penalties.

    I know a lot of people are upset with the officiating in Saturday’s game and they may have a point (the personal foul in the 4th quarter to extend west chesters’ eventual game winning drive comes to mind), but a lot of the blame belongs to BU.

    When you force a fumble in the opposing teams’ 5 yard line, you have got to score. The Huskies had West Chester defeated at that point and because of a holding call and missed field goal BU let the game slip away.

    We have to be able to convert short field goals if we are to be a serious contender. Weird stat- Jon Koenig is 0-2 in field goals under 30 yards this season…

    We were also hurt by the punting game. West Chester controlled the field position all game. Walsh averaged 25 more yards per punt than Koenig. The shanked punt in the first quarter following by Walsh pinning us on our own 5 yard-line moments later killed our momentum and really limited what we could do offensivly early.

    All around, just a sloppy game on BU’s part and one they shouldn’t have lost.

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