When you think of singer/songwriter James Blunt, there’s only one song that comes to mind… “You’re Beautiful.” It came out ten years ago and I don’t think anyone has stopped hating it. Do you remember him shirtless, barefoot, and sitting in the snow, whining in his music video? It was the ultimate sad girl anthem and James Blunt has come forward while recently promoting his new album and apologized for the whole thing.

According to The Independent, Blunt was aware it was annoying. He said it was “force-fed down people throats.” Oh how he is correct. He’s even claiming it hurt his career. He became known basically as that “insanely serious person.” He stopped producing music for a while as well to find himself and fix his damaged reputation.

Who knew one sappy song that had so much success could be so damaging. I just want to say, thank you James Blunt. Your apology means a lot to me and I’m sure it does to everyone around the world who hates that song as well. I hope now that you’ve said you’re sorry people will actually give your music a shot.