As the semester comes to a close and finals are quickly approaching, let’s take the time to welcome back to the Bloomsburg community, Phi Sigma Pi. Phi Sigma Pi

Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity was founded on February 14, 1916 at the University of Central Missouri. On April 26, 1930, the Iota Chapter of Phi Sigma Pi was chartered on Bloomsburg University’s campus. This chapter became the ninth Phi Sigma Pi Chapter. 

The Iota Chapter at Bloomsburg was inactive for the past two years.  This fall, the Chapter began a new journey as 38 students pursue membership in one of the Fraternity’s oldest Chapters. What has made this even more special is the timing coincides with the Fraternity’s Centennial year.

The Phi Sigma Pi Iota Chapter Initiate Class
The Phi Sigma Pi Iota Chapter Initiate Class

“The Iota Chapter Initiate Class leaders continue to display a commitment to Phi Sigma Pi’s ideals of scholarship, leadership and fellowship as they lead the 38 Initiates through the process of becoming members and getting the Chapter active again,” Anika Jackson, Phi Sigma Pi’s Associate Executive Director, says “We are pleased to have such a great group of Bloomsburg’s best and brightest join Phi Sigma Pi.”

The Iota Chapter Initiate Class is hard at work revitalizing the chapter as they prepare for their private induction being held Dec. 3. Currently, they are holding a two week school supplies/book drive, ending Nov. 30.  Drop off bins are placed in Reslife buildings, the Student Services Center, the Kehr and various other academic buildings.

Spring recruitment will begin early next semester. Welcome back Phi Sigma Pi, and congratulations and good luck to those being inducted into the Iota Chapter (and a very happy 100th birthday to the Fraternity!)