After the separation of two black administrators—something the university has still yet to comment on—a recent sexual assault on Upper Campus, the death of four students and a circulating video of an athletic trainer and student mimicking a slave auction, students held a protest. 

Watch the video below for exclusive footage and interviews:

On Wednesday, Nov. 6, Bloomsburg University students took to the quad to protest racial discrimination and inequality.

The protest also served as a call-to-action aimed towards the university for diversity, inclusion and safety.

At 12:15 p.m. the protest began and a number of student representatives gave speeches, as students, staff and faculty stood around the quad forming a circle. 

Following the speeches, protesters linked arms and began to chant “We want diversity, we want inclusion, we want safety, we want D.I.S.”

Protesters then walked around the campus, ending at Carver Hall, where President Hanna spoke. 

Featured Image: Bazaan Saddal

Video: Ian Terrette, Stephen Eberhardt