Karen Connovino with Obama board.

Karen Connovino with Obama board.

By Brandi Furman

The campus has been swarmed with campaigns for presidential candidates since the beginning of the semester. With the end in sight, the Obama campaign has not given up. Campaign enthusiasts continue to ask students if they are voting, handing out informational fliers and placing stickers on every possible surface.

On election day, Karen Connavino, a student from New York, has come to Bloomsburg to encourage students to show their support for the democratic candidate.

Originally from Cleveland, Connovino and a friend have traveled to many places in Pennsylvania with the Obama movement.

“New York is pretty much decided, and Ohio is too far from school, so we decided to hit up Pennsylvania,” she said. The girls also said that they have traveled to Philadelphia twice and decided to take another route to Bloomsburg.

This week was their fourth visit to Bloomsburg.

If the presence of Barack Obama’s support wasn’t clear to most people on campus, the display outside of the Scranton Commons is enough to convince anyone. For the few days just before the election, supporters were asked to record their reasons or just sign their name to back the vote for change.

“We just wanted something visual to show how many people are ‘voting for change’,” Connovino said.

Most students just signed their name or commented that Obama was their choice for president. Some students went above and beyond and added feelings such as, “Because change is good,” “[Obama] is in touch with the average American needs,” or “Our country needs to be for a world leader for environmental and energy change.”

With the big day behind them, Karen Connovino and her fellow campaigners can be proud of the work they’ve done. The only thing to do now is wait. However, even though the election is over, showing the support for the candidates is just as important as saying it.