Vote Jam 2008 – A Video Journal



Vote Jam 2008 – A Video Journal

Vote Jam 2008 from Shannon Hoffman on Vimeo.

The Mass Media Seminar class held its Vote Jam event on Wednesday, October 22 in the Kehr Union Ballroom. Speakers included Nancy Schott and David Millard, candidates for Representative to the PA General Assembly, Mayor Dan Knorr, and a writer from the New York Times. Three brave professors took the stage for a wild haircut – mohawks, as a reward to the more than 1000 BU students who registered to vote. Live music performances occurred throughout the all-day event, and there was a debate between the University Democrats and College Republicans, each arguing the legitimacy of the presidential candidates’ platforms.


Videography by Joe Arleth and Shannon Hoffman




  1. The performer at the 4-minute mark is Joe Scharf and he can be heard from live this Tuesday night (election night) on WBUQ 91.1 FM during the Fearsome Foursome from 10-midnight.

    Just a little cheap plug. Great work on the video!

  2. I think that it’s amazing how strongly the Democrats feel about their candidate….they would not take a ridiculous amount on money to vote for McCain. Awesome!

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