Vote Here!

The red, white, and blue "vote here" sign directs voters into the Bloomsburg Fire Hall to cast their ballots.

The red, white, and blue VOTE HERE signs welcomed voters to the Bloomsburg fire department to cast their vote for the next president of the United States.

It was a perfect autumn day as Stasia Rudiman walked from her 9th street apartment over to the fire department to cast her vote for the first time.Rudiman had her voter registration card and her photo identification ready as she followed the path from one VOTE HERE sign to the next anticipating her arrival at the fire department to join the rest of the voters inside.

“I have been waiting to cast my vote for weeks now,” Rudiman said.Rudiman, who is a McCain supporter, admitted to being a little nervous after seeing news programs talking about votes not being correctly submitted through the touch screen voting machines.“John McCain needs every vote he can get to win this election so I hope that my vote will be submitted correctly.I really want him to win,” she said.

As Rudiman stood in line waiting to vote she became less nervous about voting when she saw volunteers assisting voters who were unfamiliar with the machines.As the line grew shorter Rudiman became ready.One of the volunteers called for the next person to get behind the curtains and cast their vote, and she did just that.After about five minutes inside the little voters booth Rudiman exited with a smile of relief.“I did it,” she said as she exited the booth.“Now all I have to do is go home and wait for my candidate to win the election and become the next president of the United States of America,” she said.

Rudiman, a 20-year-old junior at Bloomsburg University, is one of many first time voters.From the VOTE HERE signs, to the line of anxious voters, to the voting booth, she was nervous about voting, but her confidence in her candidate never left her.Rudiman, like many other first time voters, made her voice heard in the 2008 presidential election, and she did it with ease.

2008 has recorded the largest number of registered voters. With such a close presidential race and so many national issues at stake, it appears the public has come to the realization of the importance of their singles votes. No matter which candidate they check off on their ballot it is refreshing to see such high rates of 1st time voters. Voting is a right that is the foundation to our governmental structure and a right that should be appreciated and exercised as frequently as possible.




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