It took the United States awhile to grab their first Silver in the games. In total they nabbed seven  during their time in Sochi. Second place winners in each event earn the silver medal. Here are the U.S.  athletes that won silver.

Alpine Skiing:

Andrew Weibrecht won the silver at the Men’s Super-G where Bode Miller made history by taking Bronze.


Elena Meyers and Lauryn Williams took silver where their fellow teammates earned bronze in the same event. Williams is the fifth person to medal in both Winter and Summer games.

Freestyle Skiing:

Both men and women’s Slopestyle took silver in the event. Gus Kenworthy won it for the men’s in the historic USA podium sweep. Devin Logan was the only American in the podium in the women’s event.

Ice Hockey:

The women’s ice hockey team was defeated by Canada during the gold medal match. They won silver also in the 2010 Vancouver games.

Short Track

The speed skating team struggled throughout the Olympics to seize a medal. Their first and only medal was a silver in the Men’s 5000m Relay.


Noelle Pikus-Pace  placed fourth in the 2010 Vancouver games and announced her retirement to start a family. After a miscarriage, she came back to the sport but bringing her family along for support. After winning silver she announced she will go back to retirement.


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