USA Olympic Results: Bronze Medal Edition

The Sochi games are officially over and the medal count is in. The United States made history during the games with some of the moments that came from their bronze medals. The bronze medal is the award to the third place finishers in each event. The medal is the biggest pile in the United States and in the Sochi games with 12. Here are the American athletes that won bronze.

Alpine Skiing:

Bode Miller tied with a bronze in the Super G and made history being the oldest skier to medal. He competed in the other alpine events but failed to medal.

Julia Mancuso received her medal at the Super Combined, she won the silver back in the 2010 Vancouver games.


The last medal the US won in the games was the Four Men bobsled event. Members of the team are Steven Holocomb, Curtis Tomasevicz, Steven Langton, and Christopher Fogt.

In Women’s Bobsled, Jamie Greubel and Aia Evens took bronze where the United States also took sliver for the event as well.

Figure Skating:

One of the new events in the winter games is team figure skating where women, men, ice dancing and pairs compete. In the end, the country with the most with all their combined scores wins. The United States managed to score the first bronze in the event behind Canada and Russia.

Free Style Skiing:

Hannah Kearney won gold at the 2010 Vancouver games and came back to keep her title in Moguls. She was defeated by the Canadian sisters who received gold and silver.

Nicholas Goepper made history in the first ever Ski Slopestyle not only the first bronze medalist in the event but in a United States podium sweep with fellow US teammates Gus Kenworthy and Joss Christensen. He was a medal guaranteed athlete in the event.


Erin Hamlin became the first American to win an Olympic medal in singles luge since its day view.



Matthew Antione earned the United States first medal in men’s skeleton since 2002 in Salt Lake City.


Alex Deibold did not think of getting to the podium in his event in Snowboard Cross. In 2010 in Vancouver, he was on the sidelines working with the support staff getting snowboards ready for competitors.

Kelly Clark the 2002 gold medalist and 2010 bronze medalist in Women’s Halfpipe added another medal in her collection.

Check back later for the Silver and Gold editions.