“Zone Out With Your Bone Out” During New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week is here, and this year it has a surprising new contributor. Pornhub launched its clothing line, Pornhub Apparel, this past Wednesday from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. at 113 St. Marks Place.

BVF_woman_tank_grandePornhub could not shy away from puns when they announced their debut: it said that it would be “erecting a Pop-Up Shop.” This sad pun fits in perfectly with the collection, however. The collection consists of men’s tees, women’s swing tanks, sweatshirts, and a few snapbacks featuring the saying, “Zone out with your bone out.” Classy, right?

Kalen_woman_tank_1_grandeBesides the oh so creative saying, you can also find some interesting artwork done by Kalen Hollomon. If you want to wear his work, be prepared to be sporting a tank or tee with a greased up guy in a speedo on it. If that’s not your style, you can rock the letters of “Pornhub” filled with the sensual face of a woman, representing his work in romanticism.

CES_tshirt_grandeOther artwork is featured on the designs that were collaborated with Ces. Ces’s innovation of graffiti letters are featured in the designs. Still, within all of the creative artwork , you can be sure to find “porn” featured on the shirt.

COPE2_snapback_black_grandeIf you don’t want to wear the artwork or “zone out with your bone out,” you have one other option. The apparel that was collaborated with Cope2 features “Pornhub” written in graffiti letters. This street artist took a turn from working on the street and moved to fashion for a moment.

With this collection, Pornhub is continuing to branch out into new markets it hasn’t reached before. From its typical market and its original purpose, to the fashion market, and to its new college scholarships, Pornhub seems to be taking over the world in ways we would have never imagined.