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What You Wish You Wore : 2014 Halloween Costume Re-cap

1) Hawaiian punch

Hawaiian Punch

What you’ll need: A Hawaiian shirt, shorts, flip-flops, and boxing gloves

Extra points for: A straw hat and/or sweat ban, lea, or bottle of Hawaiian punch

2) Dunkin Donuts


What you’ll need: A basketball jersey, donut inflatable, and sneakers (preferably Jordans)

Extra points for: A mini-basketball, sweat bans, or long sport socks

3) Ceiling Fan

Ceiling Fan

What you’ll need: Print-outs of the word “Ceiling,” all black clothes, and tape to attach the print-outs to your clothes

Extra points for: A pom-pom, a “Go Ceiling” flag, pigtails, or a “Ceiling” hat

4) Tourist


What you’ll need: A fanny pack, mom jeans, sneakers, and either a place-themed t-shirt or Hawaiian T-shirt

Extra points for: Binoculars, a camera (if you’re going to be careful), or any article of clothing from your themed location

5) Operation


What you’ll need: A yellow or red shirt, pants, or dress along with construction paper,scissors, and tape to create and attach the game pieces

Extra points for: 3D game pieces or a red nose

6) Alvin and the Chipmunks


What you’ll need: An oversized Blue, Green, or Red t-shirt; Alvin needs a large “A” on his shirt; Simon needs round black glasses; and everyone needs caramel UGGs

Extra points for: Alvin’s hat or chipmunk ears

7) Dirty Laundry


What you’ll need: An inexpensive laundry basket you can cut leg holes in along with any combination of clothing you’d like

Extra points for: A funny combination of clothes. For example, crazy socks, scarves, and sweatpants (the kind you originally swore wouldn’t see the light of day- the grungier the better)

8) Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat

What you’ll need: Brown, white, and pink make-up along with cat ears

Extra points for: An entirely white outfit, well done makeup, a picture of Grumpy Cat with/on you, or a fantastic imitation of the Grumpy Cat frown

9) A Gift



What you’ll need: A cardboard box, wrapping paper, a bow, a to-and-from label, and a good friend willing to help

Extra points for: Having a good friend to help you, a creative to-and-from label, impressive wrapping paper, or figuring out how to get in and out of your outfit without ripping it

10) Cat Lady

Cat lady

What you’ll need: Stuffed cats, a robe, and a stapler to attach the cats to the robe

Extra points for: Glasses or hair curlers

Abbey Willcox is a secondary education and English major at Bloomsburg University with a minor in creative writing. She is currently the Opinion and Editorial editor. Abbey focuses on creating fun, interesting and informative articles while helping others shape their unique crafts.