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What to wear to Thanksgiving

No matter where you go for Thanksgiving whether it’s Grandma’s house, a significant others, or a family friend’s, dress to impress this holiday season. The outfit should be versatile for any situation, we still want to be cute yet comfortable after we all have stuffed our faces with delicious foods, but we also want to be ready for any football games that may occur. And let’s not forget the importance of being camera ready for any family photos that will be snapped. Here are a couple Thanksgiving Day outfits that are perfect for this holiday.

Outfit 1:

Here’s a simple yet nice outfit.  Wear a pair of nice dark jeans, paired with a white long sleeve shirt and a comfy sweater over top accessorized with a turquoise scarf and earrings. To complete this look wear a pair of brown riding boots. This outfit is comfy, warm and cute and ready for anything Thanksgiving brings.


Outfit 2:

Not just going to Grandma’s house this Thanksgiving? Here are two outfit options you can wear to either a significant other’s house, or even family friends.  You can wear a short sleeved dressed paired with a patterned scarf with brown riding boots, or a long sleeved sweater dress also paired with brown riding boots or even a nice pair of ballet flats. Either of these can be paired with leggings, or a pair of tights.

Outfit 3:

If you are not going anywhere this thanksgiving but still like getting dressed up, wear maroon colored jeans paired with a big grey comfy sweater and accessorized with a patterned scarf. You are dressing to impress but still can be comfortable.