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What To Wear During Final Exams

The end of the semester brings a lot of exciting things: Christmas break, gifts, New Year’s festivities and most important, holiday sales! Unfortunately, they also bring the frightful final exam week.

Since classes are winding down, it’s important to know how to stay comfortable as well as stylish during finals.

Sticking to a formula of dressing during finals week will make your life a lot easier and eliminate any worry about what to wear.  For example, leggings, a tank top and sweater, and colorful scarf would be perfect. Chose items that you have a lot of in your closet but still compliment your personal style.  This way, it is easy to rotate them throughout the week and make sure that you can focus on your studies while staying stylish.

Plan ahead. When you plan your outfits ahead of time, it makes getting dressed under pressure so much easier. Make sure that the majority of your clothes are clean so you can prevent running around searching for clothes. Plus, doing laundry can be a great study break!

Please stay away from pajamas and sweats. Yes, you may have stayed up all night studying for your last final, but that doesn’t mean you should look like you’ve just rolled out of bed! They may be comfortable but try and be more polished. Wearing “real” clothes to take a test also has the added bonus of allowing you to feel awake and concentrate on making a good grade. Whereas, PJs and sweats just make you feel like you just want to go straight back to sleep.

My name is Mercedes C. Smith. I am a Bloomsburg University Senior who will be graduating May 2012 with a Bachelors Degree in Mass Communications/Public Relations. Throughout my four years of college I have gained knowledge and the experience to go out into the PR industry and make my mark!