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We Are All Human

The ability to trust him or her. To believe or not believe your choice of words, heck my choice of words. Who will fail me next, or will I fail you first?

We all have the tendency to believe people would do for you what you would do for them, but that’s never really the case. The reality is we always tend to want to give to the ones that take us for granted. And the ones that are always there for us are the ones we always put on the back burner. Why? Because we know they will always be there. Get it?

The only thing is, to you I may be the person who takes you for granted, but to someone else, I am the person they can always confide in.

Sometimes we just build relationships with people and are expected to play the role of a character we don’t fit in with. We are not forced to play this role, but we continue playing it because of the one memory replaying in our heads. The one memory of how and why you built this relationship. The one memory you thought created a bond. The one that gives you the desire to make similar memories with this person.

See, everyone is different in their own way. But there is something we all want, and that is to be loved.

We all yearn for that security of being wanted by someone or the reassurance that someone wants us. Whether it’s friends, family, and/or even strangers. We all may desire it, but we also truly need it. It’s a feeling that keeps us going, that gives us strength and even in some aspects gives us purpose. So remember we are all human, we all have a fragile spot. Admit to your wrongs and do right. Because the best way to get through life is to love and care for one another.