Vice Versa Brings It Home!

Vice Versa is a dance and modeling organization that can take on any challenge thrown at them and always succeeds. This organization was founded by 12 young women on Bloomsburg’s campus in 2006 and officially became a recognized club this past  fall. To show that they were official, Vice Versa held a fashion show, known as “The Beginning” last semester on December 4, giving 51% of the proceeds to Haiti through the American Red Cross. This organization is all about giving back, and growing as a person. The organization is family oriented, with having practices on a weekly basis the members become very close. Auditions are held at the beginning of every fall semester.

On Friday, April 15, 2011, Shippensburg University held their annual Statewide Fashion Show Competition. The prize was for $1,000, a trophy and bragging rights for a year. Vice Versa set a goal to win this competition, and can truly say that “hard work pays off”. After Spring Break we had exactly four weeks to practice, practice was held every day for two hours, and it wasn’t easy. It took determination, will power and effort to make the routine perfect. We took time out to research our competitors, Damage Dolls of Indiana University of Pennsylvania, and No Labels Royalty of Lock Haven University, to see what they had to offer, also to find their strengths and weaknesses. There was no way Vice Versa was walking away from the competition without winning.

Anxiety, nerves, and excitement took over as the day approached for the competition.  We were the first team to arrive and that gave plenty of time to rehearse and get a feel of the stage and runway. For the competition the theme was to portray African American sitcoms. Our sitcom was Sister Sister, Lock Haven university chose Martin and Indiana University of Pennsylvania chose Fresh Prince of Bel Air. We were the first competitors to go after Shippensburg’s own, Elite Fashion Geeks.  Setting the bar high was Vice Versa’s only option and we did just that. Jaws dropped names were yelled as the audience enjoyed our show.

Towards the end of the competition it’s always down to the top two teams and that was Bloomsburg and Lock Haven University, both teams had to battle it out runway style for the win. Two of Vice Versa’s members, Christina Davis and Amber Nicole, went head to head against two members from Lock Haven. As we cheered our teammates on we were excited to hear the following words, “And the winner is…VICE VERSA!” Tears of joys hugs and smiles filled the room and we were very grateful that we concurred our goal to win and brought the trophy home to Bloomsburg.



Erika Gunter

Hello, I'm Erika Gunter, I go by Erika Rae. I'm 21 years old. I'm a junior at Bloomsburg University, and my hometown is Philadelphia, PA. I have big dreams and goals, some are actually falling into place! I am an aspiring model, an upcoming event planner and future PR mogul! I enjoy dancing, singing, and shopping. I have a major addiction to shoes!! I love to stay busy, so stay tuned, read and enjoy! xoxo