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Tyra Banks is a Mom!

IMG_7088Tyra Banks: supermodel, actress, talk show host, producer, business women, and now a MOM. Banks and her longtime boyfriend Erik Asla welcomed their son York Banks Asla on Jan. 26. Banks announced the exciting news on Instagram by posting a picture of baby York’s hospital hat. York was born via gestational surrogate which was confirmed by People Magazine.

The America’s Next Top Model creator tells People Magazine in an exclusive interview, “We are so excited for our new baby boy bundle of joy. The journey to now has not been an easy process, as I’ve shared before. But there was a beautiful bright light at the end of the tunnel for me and his father, Erik.”

In recent years, Banks opened up about her infertility difficulties. She revealed that she had gone through IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) procedures in hopes of conceiving. So, she praises York as her miracle baby because it was definitely not an easy journey.

Baby York might have a famous friend already; Miley Cyrus sent Banks congratulatory balloons that are bigger than life. IMG_7087Banks thanked Cyrus via Instagram by posting a picture of the balloons that Miley sent.

Welcome to world, York Banks Asla!

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