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Tory Burch Files Another Lawsuit

Many people say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but top designer and Philadelphia native, Tory Burch, begs to differ.  After recently finishing a legal battle with ex-husband Chris Burch, Tory is on to another legal battle. According to Women’s Wear Daily (WDD) on Friday March 22, in New York, Tory Burch filed a lawsuit against Bluebell Accessories (Brooklyn, NY) accusing them of selling knock-offs of Burch’s signature “TT” logo.  

Burch and subsidiary company River Light hired an investigator to order products off the Bluebell website that resembled Burch’s design.  After receiving these products a cease-and-desist letter was issued on Nov. 6, 2012, according to NYmag.com.  Stated on the Huffingtonpost.com, Bluebell has responded to the legal actions but has not provided documentations with their purchases and sales dates along with the supplier of the counterfeit goods that were being sold.

 According to fashionista.com, Burch’s claims against Bluebell include trademark counterfeiting, trademark and copyright infringement, false designation of origin and false descriptions, trademark dilution, unfair competition and injury to business reputation. The lawsuit also has a list of demands along with any profits gained from the sale of the jewelry in question and permanent injunction.