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Top Ten Fashion Essentials Every Man Should Have

By Ashley Wood/”The Voice” Staff Writer

For many men, fashion isn’t a top priority.  Unlike the stereotypical woman, most guys don’t seem to spend countless hours in front of the mirror, deciding what shirt looks good with what pants. It’s a lot easier for guys to get dressed, especially if they have the following ten items hanging in their closet:

Dress Pants – Being in college means we are one step closer to actually going out in the real world. A lot of juniors and seniors are going to be interning or going on job interviews. To impress your future boss, have a nice pair of dress pants in your closet. Black, grey and blue are great pants to have. If you are a struggling college kid with limited funds, then I would go with the black dress pants, the most versatile dress pants. Save your money and build yourself up to the blue and grey pants.

Khakis – If you have someone to impress in a semi-formal setting, a nice pair of beige khakis is the way to go. Meeting your girlfriend’s parents for the first time, wear khakis; going out for your grandparents’ 50th Wedding Anniversary, wear the khakis. If you are planning to intern over the summer or this winter break, khakis are acceptable in a casual work place.

Jeans – Just like girls, guys need a pair of nice, well fitted jeans. Most guys wear their jeans too baggy or they aren’t in the best condition. A nice pair of jeans can be worn out to a bar or going out to dinner with your girlfriend. Either way, you need to have nice fitting jeans in your wardrobe.

Polo Shirt – The polo shirt is a classic look for either jeans or khaki pants. This shirt is great to wear in the work place as well. If you need a more formal look for work, dress pants can be worn. To wear dress pants and a polo, you have to make sure the pants are the right material. The pants can’t be too dressy.

Button-Down Shirt – Like most items on this list, the button-down shirt can be worn with anything. It can be worn to work with either khakis or dress pants, or paired with jeans to go out on a Friday night. I think every guy should have about five button down shirts in their closet.  Adding color is great too.  A crimson pinstripe shirt is a color to add to your wardrobe.  Also, this item can be carried over into the next item on my list…

Suit – Every guy needs a suit, no matter what. Suits can be worn on job interviews and for many other occasions. You never really know when you might need that black suit. It is always good to be prepared. If you have a black suit, a nice striped shirt is good for underneath, and adding color is always a plus. If you are going to a formal event, a tie would pull it together.

Belt – When wearing jeans or pants, a belt always adds a nice touch. Not only do they keep your pants from falling, but they also complete the look. Black and brown are the two basic belts to have, and I think all you really need are those two colors.

Sweater – During the winter months, a sweater can keep you, and your style, from cooling off. Just like the polo shirt, a sweater can be worn to work. All the same matching rules apply to the sweater as well; it can be worn with khakis, jeans, and also dress pants, if the fabric is right.

Shoes – This has to be the hardest item on the list. I know a lot of men have troubles with brown versus black shoes, and to be honest I can’t help you. My advice is to ask anyone around you which shoe looks better with your outfit. Just know that you need both black and brown shoes.

Pea coat – If you dress nicely to go out, you just can’t throw on any coat. It has to be a nice coat that completes the outfit. A nice black pea coat is the perfect finish to any outfit.

Having these items in your closet will have you prepared for any occasion. I know a lot of college guys probably don’t have many of these items, but try to build your clothing collection. Many of you are graduating soon and might need suits and dress pants for work. Be prepared and follow these tips. If you find yourself needing these items while at school, try stopping by Top Drawer Menswear located in downtown Bloomsburg to find what you’re looking for.