The Hand Artistry Trend is Changing the Game

The popularity of the makeup industry has been on the rise, and something has been changing the game. A social media trend on Instagram has been going viral with these amazing hand artistry looks. Makeup artists have been practicing their makeup skills on the back of their hands. Skills like making our cat eyes perfect and our eye brows bold and natural at the same time are just some of the styles one can practice this way. But, will hand artistry actually help our ability to apply makeup and create flawless looks?


The main reason for makeup enthusiast’s to follow this trend is to help increase their makeup skills as a freelance/professional artist. To begin, grab all the eye makeup items you will be using– eye shadow, glitter for the base of the lid, brow pencil, eye liner, and maybe even white paint to have your “fake eye” pop. Many makeup artists have been taking this exercise to another level by creating the eye with very detailed lines and colors, drawing brow hairs, and creating long lashes on the hand. This would be a great technique to try out if you are thinking about becoming the next big upcoming artist. Like many people say, practice makes perfect. So, what are you waiting for? Start having fun practicing!





Hadiyah Grove

I am a Mass Communications major with a concentration in Emergent Media. I am an urban girl who loves everything beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and technology.