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The Evolution of Mascara

Ladies, we all have the urge to find that perfect wand of mascara that gives our eyelashes that beautiful extra volume, length, bold look that makes our eyes pop so much more than they do now. Our eyes are individually different, and not every mascara works for every face. The mascara is the most important touch when applying your makeup. It brings volume to your eyelashes, which helps give off a sexy look in your eye when tracking down a hot guy or just wanting to feel sexy for the day. Now get this, instead of one voluminous wand to help fixate those lashes, how do you feel about TWO wands that add the length and volume?

We are always looking forward to something new coming out, an updated-new version of what we’ve adapted to. From vibrating wands to winged-out silhouettes, there seems to be no limit to the evolution of applying our makeup. The rebirth of mascara has been introduced by Sephora with a brand new upside down mascara.

Sephora Collection Upside Down Mascara’s claim to fame is a double brush that’s meant to coat lashes with 360 degrees of its valuing formula. This double-brush mascara enables you to create volume, length, curl, and definition. A quick description on how it works; “for ultimate volume, use the open wand by placing lashes between the upper and lower mascara brush to coat each lash with 360° of volumizing pigment. To achieve a wide eyed, long lash look, use the dual brush closed for maximized delivery. Create defined lower lashes with the closed mascara brush. You can use all three techniques together for a maximized lash effect” (detailed description from @Sephora.com)

Now when you think of two brushes in one, you may be worried how the look will turn out; if the application will be messy, or is that too much mascara may be applied to one row of lashes. But here’s how it works; Place your lashes in between both wands, with the thicker brush on top and the skinnier one on bottom, and gently pull the tool through your lashes from the base to tips.

Here’s the results and step by step illustration;

This product is more so targeted for the women of lashes, those who appreciate a dark look o their eyes, since this product does indeed grab every lash. It is messy, and the formula is dark. As demonstrated in the illustration the top wand does touch the eyelid, which is an easy fix up with tissue, but the lashes do become thick. Again this product may not be for every It is now available at Sephora for $22. Could this product make or break woman of the makeup industry? We’ll have to give this a try and see what others think about it themselves.