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The College Girl’s Guide to Fall Fashion

Despite the fact that every September we like to pretend that summer ending is the worst thing to ever happen to us (cue the “Wake Me Up When September Ends” lyric tweets), fall certainly has a few perks.

And regardless of your favorite fall cliché, whether it be Starbucks lattes, cuddling, football games, or pumpkin picking, there is no fall tradition that surpasses the wonder that is its fashion.

The best part about fall fashion is that it really only takes a few staple items for us lazy college gals to perfect.

Any Pinterest fanatic knows that the season is marked by oversized sweaters. These are great because they serve a dual purpose: one, you look like you tried, and two, you’re so comfortable you don’t even miss your Greek letters on your sweatshirt. Whoever invented the oversized sweater deserves a hug.

The next item you must have hanging in your closet, curled up in your drawer, or on a hook on your door is the one and only infinity scarf. Don’t even think of this as an accessory but rather a blanket for your neck. It’s the no fuss version of a scarf that can take your plain black long sleeve shirt, and turn it into an outfit. What could be easier than that?

If there is one piece that you should absolutely invest in, it would have to be a pair of leather boots. Whether they be brown, black, riding, or combat, these will get you from your 8 a.m.’s to your night classes without any discomfort, and they will also be your best friends each and every time Bloomsburg rains. Adding some knee socks and leggings will complete this look.

The leather jacket is here to tell you that there is a whole world of clothing outside of The North Face. Although you may not be able to take your afternoon nap in it, you will definitely be able to differentiate it from all the others in the coat closet next Friday night. Try pairing it with a daintier piece like a skirt or blouse. Even if cute motorcyclists are few and far between in Bloomsburg, a girl might as well be prepared.

So remember, ladies, fall is a season to take advantage of, and comfort can be for much more than just your pj’s. Integrating a few of these items into your wardrobe will make those walks to class a lot more enjoyable.

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