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Summer Freshmen Advice

On June 29th, 2012, I walked onto the campus of Bloomsburg University, commonly referred to by many as “Boozeburg.”

I remember the day I opened my letter from Bloomsburg. It didn’t come in a big envelope, so I automatically assumed I didn’t get in. Little did I know I would be attending the University’s Summer Freshmen program. I thought to myself, “um what?!? Summer program?!?” Needless to say I was pretty pissed off.

So many thoughts started racing through my head:

I will have no friends.It’s going to be too hard.

I’m going to miss out on my whole summer.

I’m not going to make any money this summer.

I still have braces.

 I was definitely stressed out. Bloomsburg was always my number one pick. I had to go. Turns out, that summer was the best summer of my life!

Summer Freshmen, you’re doing it right.

Going into that summer, I was fortunate enough to have my best friend since 1st grade rooming with me. So, that was a plus. Now, don’t get me wrong, I loved rooming with her, but having a random roomie assigned to you is also a lot of fun. So don’t stress about that.

Here is what myself and other students who are former “vets of summer sessions” suggest if you’re a Summer Freshman at Bloomsburg.

First off, go to class! I mean that’s for every freshmen at college, but summer freshmen, if you don’t get a 2.5 or above that summer then see you later you’re going back home. You need to prove to the university that you can handle college. So go to class. I took seven credits that summer and I made sure I went to every class. I took U.S. History with Davis (He is awesome) and Writing 2 with Professor Noon. (He was great too). I also took a study skills class that most summer freshman are required to take. Heads up, this is the easiest A you can get, so don’t mess it up.

“It’s going to be the best summer of your life, but school work comes first. You don’t want to fail out and not be allowed to come back in the fall,” says Senior, Jenny Abina.

Second, going to class almost guarantee’s you a C average in that class, but remember you need a 2.5 to come back in the fall. So with that being said you need to study, do your work first, then go out. Treat yourself for the hard work you’ve been doing. However, make sure you get it done. Also, get help whenever you need it. There is tutoring available in the Student Services Center. Go get help if you need it. It’s not embarrassing. Ask your professor if they have any extra work you can do, or what you need to start doing to pull up your grade if you’re struggling. Also, make friends with students in that class and see if they would want to hold a study group. Your GPA transfers to the fall so going in with a high one is probably the best thing you can do.

Now, lets get to the good parts.

“Don’t wear a lanyard around your neck or low cut shorts with crops. Guys don’t wear cargo shorts,” says Senior, Natasha Moskowitz.

“Franks is never a good idea even at 3 a.m. and neither is going out in a big crowd of people. The less people the more likely to getting into a party and not cause a scene for yourself,” says Sophomore, Allie Cetrulo.

Make friends with your CA, they are nice people.

 Do not bring your heels in the summer time ladies. People do not wear heels in the summer. Flip-flops are fine. My roommate used to go out with her shower shoes on. No one notices footwear in the summer.

Also, dress “cute casual.” No need to buy expensive dresses. I wore a basic white girl outfit to every outing: Crop top and high wasted shorts, or a skirt. Rompers work as well.

“OIPs, or naps is the place to go,” says Senior, Natasha Moskowtiz.

Try a pretzlini at Tri Pi, but do not get one every night (it’s tempting), you will gain the freshman 15 real quick.

Do not drink in the dorms. I repeat do not consume alcohol in the dorms.

Do not go in the dirty creepy basements when going out. Don’t do it! Stay outside, talk to people, mingle, take pictures, sing, dance, and be outside. If you want to venture into the dark, sweaty, jungle juice covered floor basement, then be my guest, but be aware.

Don’t wear sunglasses into a party. I used to do that. I still have no idea why I ever did that.

Do not fall for the typical frat guy that’s there in the summer. Trust me. You aren’t the only girl he is talking to.

“Make friends with everyone, and keep your door open when you’re just hanging out in your room. It’s more inviting,” says Senior, Cassidy Bowman.

 Don’t’ be that group of people posting about parties in your dorm room. “Yo party people I got $3 cups in Lyco 4th floor.” Just stop.

You will get sick of commons food, but trust me in the fall, it’s truly a wonderful experience.

The jungle juice will taste great, but it will sneak up on you quick. Also, make sure the cup you are given is clean, or bring your own.

Go to the town pool! It’s a far walk, but you get a free pass while you’re attending summer session. Also, Bloom beach is fun a weekend event, if you can find it.

Cooperate with cops. The majority of the time, when they bust a party, they will just tell you to leave. So leave, and either go home or find a safe place to be at. They are there to make sure you’re safe, not to get you in trouble.

Don’t be those people that cannot handle their alcohol. Don’t chance going out if you think you had too much. Ask a friend to walk you home.

When you return in the fall, you will already know where everything is on campus. You will know where to eat, where your classes are, the gym, the best places to party, and you will have friends.

“My advice would be one thing and it’s so enjoy it. It goes by so quick and you’ll look back and it’ll feel like just yesterday so do anything and everything to make your 6 weeks unforgettable. Step out of your comfort zone, do something you wouldn’t do..you’ll miss it,” says Junior, Seulgi Shin.

Summer Freshmen friends will last forever. I am still friends with students I met in summer session. The memories I have from that summer will last forever. Soak it up freshies. Make sure you work hard to come back in the fall. I promise it’s worth it!