Students Show Halloween Spirit

Hurricane Sandy didn’t stop Bloomsburg University students from showing off their costumes this past “Halloweekend,” the title given by many on Twitter.  Check out some of the BU costumes below.

Here we have what looks like some super heroes and a guy in a tank top? The hulk can use some more paint, but otherwise it’s a cute idea. Thor and Superman are well executed.










This is one of my favorites. It’s a classic that is great for a group. Here they decided to go with Wario, Princess Peach, Mario, and Luigi.










This is it. Michael Jackson could be the way to go if you’re trying to save money. The costume has basics that anyone would have in their closet. This costume would be just about perfect if she splurged on a red jacket.












I’m not really too sure what this is supposed to be.. But they look like they’re having a good time.











Here’s a modern take on Cat-woman and Robin. The tight leather and heels are the perfect combination for a confident girl.


















The viking here looks a little bland, but I’m still impressed because most guys don’t even dress up for Halloween. I love the extra effort put into the mermaid costume with the neon highlights. That costume is just adorable.