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St. Patrick’s Day is Here…What Are Your Fashion Plans?

The main color that circles around St. Patty’s Day is GREEN. Instead of doing the usual apple green, why not spice it up on different shades, with a touch of other fun colors? Don’t forget to accessorize, and also add pizzazz to your look. Below are a few options and tips that will help you decide what kind of look to go for on St. Patrick’s Day. Don’t overdo it with TOO MUCH green. You have accessories to “over green it” if you want.

Outfit #1 (Casual): For a casual outing, ladies, let’s try a cute pair of distressed boyfriend jeans, a slouchy white chiffon top, or even an oversized regular white v-neck, green/minty blazer, with some adorable yellow pumps. A simple clutch, any kind of color, will complete it just fine.

Outfit #2 (Dressy): Let’s do either a gorgeous white/ivory skater/peplum dress that hugs the upper body perfectly, and flares out to show off the legs. Or even some nice white high waste pants, with a cute multi-color bralette of your choice (that includes green), some Steve Madden brown wedges will make that look perf! And either a tote bag or satchel will do great justice with either look.

To broaden your horizons with looks and decision to make, categorized below are more options that can be thrown together easily for St Patty’s Day!


Black and White stripes

Chiffon Blouses(white, blue, green, neon yellow, and melon)


Skater skirts (try black or even a nice yellow)

Boyfriend jeans (distressed and oversized)

Tailored shorts (dark navy, white, black)

Maxi skirts






(The shoe color varies. Have fun with that)


This is where it won’t hurt to “over green” the accessories with endless amounts of turquoise jewelry, and gold


Go for some minty blazers, or even cardigans

and throw in some vintage denim jackets