Spring in Bloomsburg is finally on the horizon, so you’ll need to prepare your closet. The parka and snow boots you have been rocking all winter were adorable, but pretty soon it is going to be too warm. To make the transition from winter to spring, you’re going to need to check out the spring essentials below:

Cardigans: A cardigan to put over a tank top will create a functional outfit for the season. You can dress it up or down with chunky costume jewelry or a light scarf.

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Crop Tops: Crop tops are here to stay Jeans, skirts, leggings, you name it, you can pair them together to make an awesome outfit.

Crop Tops


Patterned Leggings: Basically the best thing you can have in your closet. Shiny, cotton, spandex, zippers, so many options, so comfortable.

More Leggings


Romper: With so many different styles it’s an easy outfit to put together. Rompers are extremely versatile and can be worn with literally anything on your feet.



Wide Leg Trousers: So adorable and so trendy. They can be worn to class or even dressed up for a party.



Loafer Flats: It’s too chilly for flip flops but too warm for boots. Mix it up with patterned loafers and you’ll look so chic.