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Spring Break 2012 Go-To Designers

The countdown to spring break 2012 has begun and there is just a few more days remaining! I guarantee the phrase, “Must… get through… this week,” is repeating in your head. Once you’ve pushed through your midterms and the break finally arrives, it’s time to sit back, relax, and probably party. Let’s be honest… definitely party! Wherever your destination may be, your spring break attire has the greatest influence on this week of fun, chaos and no regrets.

The many designer shows from NYC, London, Milan, and Paris fashion weeks have not only introduced spring 2012 couture and upcoming trends, but also left behind limitless options. Thankfully, these options might make packing worth your while and a tad bit easier. No more fighting with your suitcase, we’ve got the looks you should consider. Our spring break destinations might be different, but our mindsets are the same: let’s make it memorable!

Destination: The Islands

Spending your break at the beach in early March might be on your agenda but I’m almost positive you won’t get in. However, a few of you luxurious college students might be planning a lovely getaway to the islands (Jamaica, Cancun, etc.). Ladies, trust in the wonderful 3.1 Phillip Lim and his effortlessly chic collection.

3.1 Phillip Lim’s spring 2012 ready-to-wear collection screams “Bahama Mama.” It’s amazing how he recycles these soft, pastel colors and occasionally throws in a bold color like black. His usage of these delicate linens are perfect for your island getaway.

Destination: City

Now, this is a destination we all can relate to. Who doesn’t love the city? Philadelphia, NYC, Boston… always seems to reveal our inner urban. So, who is our city go-to designer? Four letters: DKNY. That should’ve been a given. And if you dare to be different, the man himself – Kanye West – provided a line only for the confident.

DKNY, you have never failed us. Donna Karan New York says it all. Known for classy, city-like attire, how could we not include them in this category? Her collection followed the sporty-chic trend. No designer understands New York better than Karan. With a fitted pant, blazer, or skirt, you’d be amazed how urban her line is.

For the bold and confident city walkers – drum roll, please – introducing… the Kanye West collection.

You’ve got to love Kanye West. From rapper to style expert, he has done it again – interrupting that is – interrupting our closed, inside of the box mindsets. This was his first show; does a congratulations from Silvia Venturini Fendi and her daughter Delfina Delettrez Fendi prove a job well done? I think so! With this fierce, urban, and sexy collection, expect head turns in every city. I repeat: this line is for the bold and confident!

Destination: Internship

If you’re a workaholic, I guarantee your spring break will be packed with career-related experience notions… which is phenomenal! Internships are great. It’s your one and only chance to show your skills and what you can offer. How about a little bit of Derek Lam?

After working closely with Michael Kors for nearly five years, don’t think twice about trusting his expertise. Known for his feminine fabrics and crisp silhouettes, this man is the only man for your internship wardrobe. Derek Lam throws in bright and neon colors to make his pieces stand out. Utilizing the straight leg pant theme, his collection feeds off the perfect sporty chic trend. Make this first impression count!