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Sony’s New PSVita Released

Sony has finally come out with another hand-held system with the PlayStation Vita that was released this past Wednesday, February 22. This time, they’ve completely revamped the previous PSP 3000 with countless additions.

Sony has applied some of the attributes that Nintendo found effective with their newest hand held, the 3DS. The new model includes frontal and rear cameras built into the system, accurate touch screen, dual analog sticks, Wi-Fi and a SIXAXIS Motion Sensor for in game motion by moving the system itself.

One thing the PSVita does not have going for it is its battery life. It only lasts for about four to five hours, well below the 3DS battery capacity.

Gaming magazines are giving the system high ratings. Game Informer rewarded the hand held with an A-. Imagine Games Network (IGN) in the same mindset gave the PSVita an eight and a half out of ten. It seems the main reason these reviewers would not give the hand held a perfect rating is its steep price.

The PSVita has redone the system, starting with the screen resolution and graphics for already popular and new games. Games released for the system include FIFA Soccer, Plants vs. Zombies, Michael Jackson: The Experience, and many more old and new titles.

Pre-orders were taken on the PSVita special edition bundle and the regular editions for a few months prior. It was released Wednesday, February 15. GameStop sold out of every single one that day. The edition came with the system itself, a case, and a memory card, overall saving customers a few dollars as well as getting the system early.

Those who weren’t so lucky can still pick up the PSVita for the price of $250 for the regular edition or $300 for the 3G capable edition. With 3G, there is an additional fee of $30 a month. They regrettably haven’t included any internal memory, so buyers will also have to add a memory card to their purchase, costing anywhere from $20 to $100.

The hand-held has become a popular system, so GameStop is not expecting many more than what they have pre-ordered. Any extra systems received were sold out on the release day. Now that all versions are available for sale, make sure you grab your copy of the PSVita.