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“Second Star To The Right & Straight On ‘Till Morning” Children and Sibling’s Weekend

Program Board took Bloomsburg University off to Neverland on April 12-14 as they held events throughout campus. Family members of current students and staff are welcomed to campus as events planned are based around the Neverland theme.

On April 12, brothers, sisters, cousins, nieces, nephews and children registered in the multipurpose room while members of Program Board guided them through what was going to happen that weekend. After registration, guests made their own sand art, viewed the door prizes, played various video games and took turns in the photo booth. There was a long line to get balloon animals from the balloon artist.

Juggler Nick Pike entertained the audience in the ballroom with acts and laughs. For one act he called upon four students for some tricks. For his final act, he picked a girl to throw sticks at him that caught while riding on his tall unicycle.

On Saturday morning, Pankaraoke began. This is when students, parents and siblings can eat pancakes while doing karaoke. General members from Program Board started karaoke right away as people started pouring in.

The Carnival happened on the quad at noon where hundreds of people showed up. Over 20 clubs and organizations each held stands where they created games, obstacle courses, and had face paint to entertain children by traveling through Neverland. One of the highlights during the carnival was the Chemistry Club blowing up 300 ping pong balls into the air using Mountain Dew.

Once the children received tickets, they headed to the prize table to cash in their tickets, while their Program Board member served fresh popcorn and snow cones.

The final event was Bingo at the Ballroom. Raffle prizes consisted of goldfish and character balloons. The balloon artist made balloon animals for children as Program Board members called Bingo numbers.

Throughout the weekend, Peter Pan and Hook were shown in the Kehr at nighttime during and after events to whisk the kids into Neverland.

To find out more what Program Board does like their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter @BUprogramboard

Photography is by sophomore psychology major Caitlin McDemus. She is a BUnow, and CGA yearbook photographer.