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Second Presidential Debate

The second presidential debate that was held on Tuesday, Oct. 17 was an animated one. President Obama seemed much more aggressive compared to his reserved performance in the first debate . The Democrat’s plan to attack Romney and keep him on the defensive however,did not work. Romney stayed on his toes and was able to continue to explain his policies.

The debate was moderated by Candy Crowley and was held at Hofstra University in Hempstead, N.Y. It was in town hall format and 80 undecided voters were gathered to ask questions.

Questions about jobs, gas prices, taxes, women’s equality, green cards, Libya, and guns arose. However, the candidates did not always answer the question, they were more concerned with setting the record straight about what the other said and often went off topic.

The topic of jobs came up in just about every argument.  When Detroit going bankrupt was discussed. President Obama said that Gov. Romney wanted to let Detroit go bankrupt, and not save the auto industry.

Romney rebutted that Obama did in fact let General Motors and Chrysler go bankrupt. Romney said, “That is precisely what I recommended.” Obama said “What Governor Romney said just isn’t true,” and that Romney wanted to let the automakers go bankrupt and not do anything at all. The last question asked the candidates to clear up any misperceptions of them. Romney said that he cares about 100 percent of the American people and is that he is going to get America on track and working again. Obama responded that he believes in self-reliance and that everyone needs to contribute their fair share  after that.

While the debate was theatrical it was not useful in swaying independent voters. The candidates constantly went off topic and were grasping for every second they could get by interrupting each other and getting into yes it will/no it won’t arguments. If anything the debate will only be celebrated by the decided Republicans and Democrats.

Watch the full presidential debate below: