As usual, everything Rihanna does is completely Rihanna. Who better to launch a shimmery lipstick and “lipglass,” line? It’s a trend that may be tough for some people to pull off, but because Rihanna launched it, the packaging is so nice, and the proceeds go towards helping people with HIV/AIDs, MAC just might sell out of these new additions quickly.

Viva Glam II by Rihanna consists of two lipsticks and two lipglasses. All of these are embalmed with a soft red top and Rihanna’s signature on them. The lipstick comes in two shades: warm mauvey silver frost and frosty-blue red. In addition, the lipglass comes in two shades as well: cool mauve with red frost and frosty-blue red. The lipstick and lipglass complement each other so they can be worn together or separately, if you want a softer look.

frosty blue-red
Frost Blue-Red Lipstick
warm mauvey silver frost
Warm Mauvey Silver Frost Lipstick
frosty blue-red lipglass
Frosty Blue-Red Lipglass
cool mauve with red frost lipglass
Cool Mauve with Red Frost Lipglass

The launch of Viva Glam II is not just about lipstick and lipglass though, it’s about helping others. MAC Cosmetics has an AIDS fund which this collection is going to help support. Every single cent of the lipstick ($16) and the lipglass  ($15) sold will go towards people who are living with or affected by HIV/AIDs. The purchase of just one lipstick will go a long way. One lipstick equals one week’s worth of groceries, one hospitality kit, one pair of shoes for a child orphaned by the loss of someone whom was infected with AIDS, one month of transportation for a woman to and from doctors’ visits, one rapid oral HIV test, eight individual home cooked meals, and much more.

Rihanna’s Viva Glam II collection is being sold in stores and online. It will be interesting to see if people get into this new trend of bold lips and if her lipstick will quickly sell out like in the original Viva Glam collection. Whether it’s because of the actual lipstick and lipglass or the fact that the proceeds are going to help those with HIV/AIDs, it seems as though Rihanna’s collection will be successful.