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Pranksters Give Free Showers

What would you do if passers-by continuously used your business as an outhouse? After countless strangers publicly urinated on the building of a Pennsylvania locksmith business, the fed-up owners decided to take matters into their own hands.


The owners installed a motion detector and surveillance camera behind the building. Every time someone was in the back alley, the motion detector would alert the owners. At the sound of the chime, the owners would take a look at the video surveillance and turn a valve that is connected to a high-pressure water line leading outside and accurately aimed to make sure that the “pisser is given a free shower.”


With plans to upgrade their vigilante system, these pranksters may be having a little too much fun. Although they hope to stop the violators, the shop owners would like to remain anonymous. Take a look at the pranksters in action in this hilarious video that is catching national media attention.