Peyton Manning, QB of the Year

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Born on March 24, 1976 in New Orleans, Louisiana, 37-year-old Peyton Manning began a lifestyle many parents would love their son to have. Manning began his life as a football player when he attended Newman High School and was a three-season starter for the team. Knowing football was the path he wanted to take in life, Manning decided to attend University of Tennessee where he was the school’s all-time leading passer for the football team.

The star player of the team is currently holding 42 NCAA, SEC and Tennessee records. On top of being an amazing football player, Manning managed to be amazing in the classroom as well. By the end of his junior year in college he had already completed his BA degree. Due to his passion for the game, he decided to stay at UT for his senior year and continue moving forward with his football career. His victories continued and Manning helped lead the team to great success. With all the accomplishments he was moving towards came great outcomes. In 1998 Manning was drafted into the NFL.

It was round 1, pick 1 of the drafts where Manning got an offer from the Indianapolis Colts. During his time in the rookie season, Manning set five different rookie records including most touchdowns in one season. While playing for the Colts, Manning and the team introduced a no-huddle offense, which worked extremely well in bringing numerous victories to the team and is now a signature huddle for the team.  In 2003 Manning received his first MVP award during his career and also received the ESPY Award for Best NFL Player. In 2004 he received his second MVP award, which was an amazing accomplishment due to the fact that he was awarded just the year before.

Most can agree that one of the best feelings in a football player’s life is being a part of the Superbowl. In 2006 the Colts were the Superbowl champions against the New York Giants. Many considered this game to be the “Manning Game” because Peyton was against his younger brother, Eli Manning. By 2009 Manning received his fourth MVP award and was able to experience a second run in the Superbowl.

In the 2011 season of football, Manning went through a neck injury involving several different surgeries. Doctors had told him due to the surgery they were uncertain of his arrival back to the NFL, in September the Colts officially ruled Manning out of the season opener. On March 12, 2012 the Colts officially released Peyton Manning and announced another Colts player, although not retired, will not wear the number 18.

Though Manning reached a low point in his career due to the injury, his focused work ethic would allow for him to never give up.  He once stated, “I was never on a mission to be an NFL quarterback.  I wanted to be a good high school player, and I worked hard at that.  That made me good enough to play in college and then I wanted to be a good college quarterback.  During college I played well enough to make it into the NFL.  I never took it for granted and really wanted to play hard at each level and I have always had a lot of fun doing what I wanted to do.”  At this time, Manning needed to focus on overcoming his injury, which is exactly what he did.

Not long after being released by the Colts, on March 20th Manning signed a $96 million contract with the Denver Broncos. Upon joining this team, he became one of only six players in the NFL to throw seven touchdowns in a single game.  Manning’s talent shined now more than ever, and his new teammates recognized this from the beginning.  Just as his former teammate Adam Meadows said, “From the first day, it was his huddle.  Anyone who works as hard as he does gets respect.”

Critics were amazed by the strength of Manning’s arm after surgeries. Throughout this lifetime of amazing accomplishments, the world now knows why Peyton Manning is considered one of the best quarterbacks at the age of 37. He continues to strive in his career and impress every fan of the NFL with his amazing technique.  The future for this star quarterback is bright and the anticipation of what Manning will do next to shock the NFL will only grow throughout the season.

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