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Old Styles, New Season!

80’s inspired runway looks by French designer, Roland Mouret

When it comes to the seasons changing, fashion lovers have a lot more to be excited about than a new temperature. With each new month comes a new must have fashion trend. Changes in shoes, outfit styles, nail polish patterns, hairstyles and even makeup are all key components to what new weather can bring to the fashion world.

In 2014, all of the so-called “new” fashion trends have one thing in common, and may look familiar to many. This is because one of the brightest, most fun generations for fashion is coming back. That’s right ladies; the 80’s are back! Many new trends like pastel colors, floral prints, shiny leggings, and even dying your hair a bright color all give this spring an 80’s feel. According to Fox News Magazine, “It’s no secret that neon is super-trendy right now, and there are other trends making a big comeback: leggings, slouchy sweaters, loud prints, and more.”

As a woman that loves fashion, it’s easy to understand why such trends from a past generation are coming back into style. The 80’s were a time when the economy turned around, resulting in celebration in the world of fashion. With excitement in the air, designers turned to bright colors and exciting new patterns to go with the uplifting feeling of our economy rising again. Although nothing as drastic as the economy rising again has occurred this year, designers have looked to the 80’s and were inspired from its fun vibrant feel.

This spring in New York Fashion Week, many designers expressed their inspiration they got from the 80’s. One iconic designer, Kenneth Cole, based his runway look off of 80’s trends. With hair inspired by 80’s Harlem, apparel in neon greens and yellows, and bright shades of green Mac eye shadow, many were impressed with his vibrant and eccentric choices to liven up the runway.

In France, a popular designer, Roland Mouret, released his new spring/summer collection for 2014 and it also was inspired by 80’s themes. According to fashionisers.com, “We have never seen such a stunning splash of vivacious colors, combinations of subtle designs and mixture of delicate and creative outlines in one place.” The designer used many different colored fabrics in each piece, making each outfit jump of f the runway.

Here at Bloomsburg University, many students of our own have been sporting the 80’s trends as the warm weather slowly comes. One student in particular, Morgan Dow, is very excited about the new trends designers are bringing back. She said, “I love the 80’s theme! It’s funky and new, and easy to wear a lot of color. I look forward to what the warm weather will bring to the fashion scene here at Bloomsburg.”

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