Magnetic Nail Polish

Will magnetic nail polish be the hot new trend?  Theo Green, founder and CEO of Nails Inc. in London, started her company in 1999 hoping to make a change in the UK nail polish market. Theo’s goal was to make professional quality, yet up to the date trendy nail polish for women.

The United Kingdom is always ahead of the United States when it comes to fashion trends, and it seems as though they’re ahead in the beauty trends as well! That new trend is Magnetic Nail Polish. Bet you’re wondering how does this nail polish works? The nail polish is infused with reactive magnetic particles that react and move when one puts the magnet near the polish.  The nail polish bottle has two caps, an over cap which contains the magnet and the regular cap to the bottle.  When you are finished your nails will have a stunning 3D design!

  The nail polish comes in many different colors with the names of the polish being taken from London’s iconic attractions. Two examples are Trafalgar Square which is a metallic chrome color, and Houses of Parliament which is a metallic purple.

This cool new nail polish can be found on Sephora.com.  Are you excited to try this magnetic trend?