Local Business Rallies Back: McGuigan’s Irish Pub is Here to Stay

It was the survival of the fittest during COVID-19 for family-owned businesses. Local bar & grill, McGuigan’s Public House, was able to stay open and provide the same consistent service and prices!

This business is located in Sunbury no more than 40 minutes away from Bloomsburg University’s campus and even closer to Susquehanna University. Undeterred by the pandemic, McGuigan’s sought to feed the people of Sunbury and anyone else who brought their belly, with competitively low prices and great quality food.

There are plenty of draft options at McGuigan’s!

McGuigan’s Public House is a family-owned business, opened by Laurie Johnson in 2007. Johnson is a beloved and outspoken member of the Sunbury community, who is the owner of a number of small businesses but there was a moment in 2020 when she worried she would have to close McGuigan’s.

A fiercely loyal customer base helped prevent doors from closing for good and Johnson and her tight-knit staff are back in action!

To add even more flavor to this family- favorite spot there are specials and deals all throughout the week. $1.50 Burgers and $3.00 fries are the Tuesday special. Locals and loyal customers love Thursday’s 80¢ wings and to unwind and pass time at the bar, with its many draft options. McGuigan’s upbeat atmosphere is made complete with live music on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. 

The mission of Mcguigans is to make people happy and that’s exactly what they do! McGuigan’s looks to give back to the community that kept them afloat during the pandemic. Now, they want you to relax and kick back at McGuigan’s Public House!