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Kyree Ransome interview

A 22 year old senior at Bloomsburg University is proud to be elected as president of the local Lambda Alpha chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi. “It feels amazing! I’m honored that my peers value my input, leadership skills and trust me with all the fraternity’s business,” says Kyree J. Ransome of his position.

A lot of time management and daily planning skills go into being an Accounting major, as well as the president of an organization. So staying up to date on deadlines, projects and events is a must especially with the workload that comes along with both. He commits a minimum of eight hours a week to his fraternity and the rest towards studying and getting all his assignments done.

Ransome believes that taking full advantage of and utilizing his free time allows him to stay on top of his game. With his iPhone Task List application, he is able to keep track of his daily busy schedule. It keeps him on task with his multiple deadlines, as well as, send emails to his phone which allows him to immediately receive and reply on the go.

“Yes, being an accounting major may get a little challenging at times, but I strongly believe that in the long run the benefits will outweigh all the hard work I’m putting in now.” Having the support of his family and friends pushing him to strive and succeed, is also motivation for him to not give up when things start to get a little rough. When asked if a large organization such as Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity has an impact on his grades, he quickly responds with no hesitation, “Yes but in a very positive way. Being surrounded by people that are just as focused on their education and success as I am only elevates my study habits, pushing me to work just as hard.”

Kyree J. Ransome joined this organization in Spring 2009. “When I recognized the effect the fraternity had on the campus of Bloomsburg and researched all that Kappa Alpha Psi stands for, I then decided this fraternity was something I had to be apart of,” says Ransome.

He plans to attend West Chester University upon completion of his undergraduate degree in Spring 2012, to pursue a Masters in Business Administration. “I hold my fraternity very near and dear to my heart. It’s the best decision I’ve ever made. And I will always carry and uphold the values of excellence that it has instilled in me.”