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Jimmy Kimmel Asks Kids About Gay Marriage

Many have seen various episodes of Jimmy Kimmel’s Live! show where he asks parents to video tape hilarious moments with their children. These moments vary from parents telling their children they ate every last piece of their Halloween candy to videos of children serving their fathers breakfast in the shower for father’s day. Although these videos always provide a much needed laugh, his newest video provided great insight for many people .

At the beginning of the clip, Kimmel mentions that some parents worry about how they will tell their young children about gay marriage. This ‘issue’ has become a larger ‘problem’ since gay marriage has very recently become legal in all states. Quickly after this brief introduction, he asks multiple children if they know what gay marriage is and if they think it should be allowed. Their answers are remarkable, and maybe the parents should listen to their responses.

Throughout the responses, two of the five children were asked whether or not they knew what gay marriage is and they were unsure. The first one was a young boy who said he “…knows nothing about that yet.” The second was a young girl who seemed a little too young, totally understandable, and she was still caught up on the fact that she broke her leg.

Other than the two children who didn’t know what gay marriage is, the others seemed to have a very good understanding. All of the children said they think gay marriage should be allowed.

girl 1

Gay marriage was easily described by the first child as “when two men and two women get married.”

girl 2

The cute sassy little girl with a bow says that it’s, “not really,” hard for her to understand gay marriage but for some kids it is.


The very last little boy interviewed says, “Well because if they want to they should be able to,” when being asked if anyone should be able to get married. He later adds that he however does not want to get married due to the financial issues of marriage.

It’s incredible how wise many young children are, which makes us think…maybe the parents who are worried about explaining gay marriage to their children are too closed-minded to understand it for themselves .

I believe that because we have finally achieved equality for individuals who are gay, more people should learn to accept it because it’s a way of life which they cannot change. We’ve gone through time periods where African Americans and women had no rights. Now in 2015, I believe we are accepting as a country of minorities and it’s time to accept the gay community  as well.

My names Kendyl. I'm a senior at Bloomsburg University. I am studying Mass Communications with a track in Public Relations. I'm a big supporter of our Bloomsburg Huskies athletics especially basketball and lacrosse!